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Former street thug, Lucious Lyon, becomes the king of hip hop. He is a talented artist, and CEO of Empire Entertainment. When he finds out that he has a illness that will make him a vegetable in just a few years, he must train his son to run the company, without causing more family drama. As he challenges his sons to vie for the empire, his ex-wife, Cookie, mysteriously emerges from prison seven years early, which is where she has been for almost two decades. Cookie sends all of Lucious's plan into chaos. Cookie believes that she was a sacrificial lamb who built the empire with Lucious, and that she took the fall from running drugs, which was what funded Lucious's early career. Lucious remains in control of Empire Entertainment, but an emotional game begins what will cause the family redemption or destruction.

42 mins
Release Date:
28th January 2015

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