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The Gallagher family is a very dysfunctional family. The family includes a drunk of a father, a mom that split a very long time ago. The oldest daughter, Fiona, is the one that is trying to keep the family together the best she can. The old son, Philip "Lip" trades with the neighborhood girls, his tutoring skills in physics for sexual favors. The middle son, Ian, is gay. The youngest daughter, Debbie, is stealing money from her UNICEF collection, and ten-year-old, Carl, is an arsonsist, and developing into a sociopath. The youngest child is a toddler, Liam, and he is actually black, and the whole family doesn't have a clue how. This series follows this dysfunctional family and how they go through their struggles, and still attempting to keep the family together and functioning as normal as they can.

46 mins
Release Date:
11th January 2011

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