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The Earth was destroyed by a nuclear war, and the remaining people on Earth set a giant space station, called the "Ark", into space. The Ark is where about 2,400 people lived, and any crimes no matter the severity or the nature were punishable by death, unless the perpetrator was under the age of 18. After 97 years of surviving in space the Arks life support systems were found to be in failing and they were in critical condition. Therefore the counsel came up with a plan, their plan was to send 100 juvenile delinquents to Earth. When they arrive on Earth they set up a "no law" system of government, and then they confront the dangers on the new world, and struggle to form a tentative community. They also discover that no all of the humanity on Earth has been wiped out, there are people on Earth that the 100 call "grounders", and the 100 quickly adapt to their new home.
The 100

43 mins
Release Date:
19th March 2014

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