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Taking place in Pasadena, California, two very brilliant physicist Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper work at Caltech. The two are not only colleagues they are also best friends as well as roommates. Their relationship is always getting tested and mostly due to Sheldon's deeply eccentric and non-conventional ways. The two are also friends with other colleagues of Caltech, Howard Wolowitz, who is a mechanical engineer, and Rajesh Koothrappali, an astrophysicist. The four friends spend a lot of their time working on their individual projects watching si-fi movies, playing video games, or reading comic books. They all have little luck or none at all when it comes to women. When a beautiful women that is from Omaha that is aspiring to be an actress, Penny, moves into an apartment which is across the call from Sheldon and Leonard, Leonard realizes that he has another aspiration in life, and that is to get Penny to be his girlfriend.
The Big Bang Theory

22 mins
Release Date:
24th September 2007

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